Update: Well, things aren’t too much better four months later. Oh, the papers say that unemployment has leveled off…so now it’s now only as bad as it gets, rather than getting worse all the time. Yay.

Doesn’t seem to keep the rich from getting richer or the corporations from pumping out new disposable useless consumer goods. Oddly enough, there are plenty of people who seem to raise the money to buy these things… some of those have learned the ways of Compound Stock Earnings (www.CompoundStockEarningsStory.com) to make them money.

Anyway you want to see it, things aren’t getting any better for most of us in the near future.

You can complain about it, joke about it, worry about it, whatever you like. I thought I was going to enjoy this recession to the bitter end. However, I hit a giant snag when I was injured in a icy fall that landed me seriously injured and unable to work. Friends suggested I file for social security disability, so I went to the government’s website and filed an application. Apparently there is a high rate of initial social security disability applications being denied (60 to 70% of initial claims are rejected) and I fell into that group. Bummer. So I requested that my application be reconsidered. I struck out there as well. But I did not give up and decided I would do a search online for a social security disability lawyer and see if someone could help me. Bingo! The social security disability lawyer who worked with me, guiding me through an amazingly oblique process, was successful and I was finally granted social security disability benefits. Now I was ready to enjoy this recession!

How does one enjoy a recession? Well, think about it this way: unless you’re Ben Bernanke, you’ve probably got no control over the economy. It’s either going to get worse or get better, or stay the same. What can you do? Might as well enjoy it.

You can enjoy the fact that the collective efforts of politics, economics, technology, and human society have led us to the brink of worldwide catastrophe…and all anyone can think to do is figure out how to get us ‘back on track’. You know, because it worked so well last time…

Personal crises are perfect times to get a good look at your own life. National or global crises give all of us the same opportunity on a larger scale. Most of us (individuals and nations alike) have dug a pretty deep rut and it takes a big jolt to remind us that we can actually steer this vehicle after all.

Also, let’s face it — most of us enjoy really looking at ourselves as much as we like going to the dentist. Many of us have simply lost the ability to see ourselves as we truly are; only the most serious of situations can give us a shock of identity. If needed you can obtain control over your image by recourse via seo.

The same is true for ‘the economy’ (a simple term for a complex system, much of which has little to do with economics). When faced with recessions such as the current one, we can treat it as shabbily as we treated the better days — with sound bites, knee-jerk reactions, and an overall status-quo herd mentality — or we can actually bear down and think about what brought us here and what opportunities we suddenly have.

This could be the best recession ever!

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