It wasn’t very long ago that there was an overwhelming popularity throughout the world for globalization and liberalization. The conservative and nationalist movements both seemed almost to be waning on a global scale… There seemed to be little that could be done. Many people were celebrating the demise prematurely because over the past 18 months there has been an overwhelming change in public opinion about where the world should be heading. Is it possible this trend could continue and reverse the course of the past decade or more? You see, it was not that long ago the general consensus seemed to be that a globalist outlook was the only way to go about things. This no longer seems to be the case.

The United Stated of America, for example, elected Donald Trump first as the Republican nominee then to the office of President. Many believe that this would not likely have been possible without Great Britain having first undergone the vote to leave the European union, otherwise known as Brexit. Many feel that this was the leveraging point. That until that point many that supported it were convinced by politicians what they were doing by globalization was not only going to work but it was what was best for everybody. It just so happened that the very same group of people also had very liberal political viewpoints. One seemed to go hand in hand with the other for some time. It was not until the day of the vote that Brexit even seemed remotely possible.

Every poll said the same thing, that Great Britain would remain in the European Union but they were all wrong. Conservatives nationalists came together to exclaim once and for all that they would no longer but into what politicians told them. The political class had failed to come through on their promise of a better way. They proclaimed in one voice that they would no longer belong to a Union. That they would support their own people both financially and from threat of violence. They decided it was more important to stay safe and secure than to appear to be caring. There was still much to do after that vote and Great Britain is still not totally removed from the Union yet but they are well on the way. There was no financial pitfall as a result as was suggested would happen. The effect it was supposed to have was catastrophic but there was little disturbance at all in the big picture.

It has come time for another huge vote to decide the fate of the European Union. France is electing a new president. One of the front runners is very much in the mold of Donald Trump himself ideologically. Should she win, it will be likely that they too will be leaving the Union. Should that happen it would be on very shaky ground indeed. That would likely be the end of the experiment altogether as a matter of fact.

Update: Le Pen will not be the new president. Macron won….