This really is the Best Recession Ever, isn’t it? I’m loving it, personally, but I’ve always had a thing for calamities. The bigger the better. Put me in the middle of a horrible cataclysmic event, and I’m at my best. For instance, recently I was with a group of people in Yosemite climbing Half Dome. We were not day climbers on the tourist trail that spirals around the back of Half Dome up to the summit. I was with a group of Serious rock climbers going straight up the face. It was fall and as the temperatures dropped we donned our North Face jackets. The North Face brand certainly know their sports equipment. I was a walking North Face advertising beacon with my North Face jacket, gloves, hat and backpack!It was glorious climbing until the snow started. Well that’s another story of desperation and a necessary descent before reaching the summit. But I digress.

In my opinion, things should get worse. People should get desperate. I’m tired of waiting for us to get smarter, or more civilized, or more in tune with the forces of nature and the cosmos. The only things left are desperation and degeneration — and while I’m fairly sure we’re going down the latter path, there is still hope for a burst of motivational desperation to shake things up.

A slots machine, known as “fruit machines” by the British, or “pokies” in Australian slang are beautiful, often colorful casino gambling machines. The vintage “one-arm bandits’ even make a great conversational piece in one’s home. Many modern slot machines are still equipped with a legacy lever in addition to the button, or on the newest slot machines by pressing a touchscreen on its face. There are many different kinds of gambling slot machines found in such gambling havens as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Indian Reservations. Depending on the slot machine, players can play one, 100, or more hands at any one time. I prefer reel slot machines which commonly have three or five paylines rather than video slots which can have 9, 15, 25, or up to as many as 243 different paylines. Slots is one of those casino games that doesn’t require much skill. I like the fact that he outcome of every slot machine bet is ultimately determined by random numbers. Slot machines are just about the only game in the casino where the odds are not quantifiable, which brings me back to desperation and degeneration.

Any reasonable, sober, intelligent human being will tell you that, apart from rare happy coincidences, the most durable things are built slowly, gradually, brick by brick. Haste makes waste and all that. While you may assert that the hasty approach has led us to this pass (and I would not disagree!), it is the slow and gradual approach to civilization that has made the haste even more of a cancer at the heart of our civilization.

Nature is a perfect model (well, it would be, because we are natural beings obeying natural laws…even when we create synthetic people to make and buy synthetic goods, wreaking environmental havoc in the process — it’s all still natural. There is a macrocosm of nature, and that part is slow-moving and gradual, even to the point of seeming immobility. Yet the closer one looks, the more violent and disruptive the events seem. We marvel at a volcano eruption, but tiny volcanoes are erupting every nanosecond.

And so it is with humanity. The US may seem like a place of rapid change or of near-immobility, depending on your view. Many people who are experiencing issues with their mobility look into the medical tourism industry. These people must be cautious of fraud when visiting medical tourism facilities. Look into medical tourism insurance, as it is a good way to protect oneself. The gradually solidifying structure that we have created more and more effectively squashes the possibility of smaller eruptions…and we are living in a time where an eruption may be the only thing that will change a dangerous direction.

Lets look at this from a totally natural point of view. I know this may sound harsh but wildfires as horrible as the are often times spark more than just a flames they seed a whole new circle of life in their wake. Many fires devastate animal habitats & kill wildlife. Many times they put structures built by man in danger & even worse some times they actually endanger man himself. But in the wake of this there is much new life & a whole new cycle begins.

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