The year is 2017 and it appears that the entire world may be changing their approach to a lot of things. It all started with one of the largest upset victories in history when Donald J Trump won the U.S. Presidency. This was quite the accomplishment given the situation. There was no poll that had him even close to victory but beyond all doubt, he won in a landslide electoral college decisions of all time. It was clear that the United States was in for a shake up. It seemed that no matter what the previous leadership tried they could not get the economy out of the stagnant position it had taken.

Many people foretold of the inevitable immediate collapse of the American economic and social structures. Many people went as far as to say that if Mr. Trump was elected the world would be cast into a third world war. Many of his detractors claimed that it would be the biggest mistake the American people could ever make because there would be no way for a President Trump to govern due to lack of knowledge, experience, end especially because there would be nobody in Washington willing to work with him… It is still early but it seems that all of this negativity may have been much ado about nothing because none of the worst fears that were voiced before the inauguration have come to past as of yet. As a matter of fact there has been some very interesting and significant movement in the opposite direction than expected.

It was almost immediately visible that the stock market took a shine to President trump. It started rising as soon as he was elected with the expectation of tax cuts and regulation roll back. It has continued on a great trajectory the entire time he has been the president, reaching new highs regularly as well as shattering all time highs. This has added in the area of a trillion dollars to the economy. People have seen their pensions raise and retirement accounts are looking very nice. That is a benefit that real Americans feel every day and it feels good. Not bad but it is not nearly the end of it.

This morning a new jobs report came out with a new unemployment report. It was astonishing to see there was a 10 year low in unemployment coupled with 211,000 new jobs created in April. That number shadowed the expected 185,000 by more than 25,000. Another possible advantage for the economy and job creation in general is the passing of a bill intended to repeal and replace the legislature know as Obama-Care. After freeing money from that added with the tax reform coming soon. There should be real relief on the way for Americans soon.